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Summer Camp &
AfterSchool Program
This page is dedicated to providing information to parents in our After School and Summer Camp programs.  During the Summer, this page includes photos of the fun the children have when they spend the day here at The Children's Center.  During the School Year, we try to keep parents  updated on things that are going on, special visitors and upcoming school holidays.


2019 Summer Camp Calendar, click here:

We have had Mississippi State visitors again as they observe  our program to train their new staff in assessing quality.  The children don't mind (except those who are Ole Miss fans).  

May: We have had visitors from Mississippi State who will be writing an article about our AfterSchool program in the next weeks.  While here, they took lots of pictures of the children and classrooms.  Here is a gallery of the photos.  Photo credit goes to Alicia Barnes.


JUNE 6: The Summer Campers enjoyed a Wacky Wednesday activity today with the annual M & M Toss.  Everyone is partnered with a friend and proceeds to toss M & M's into their partner's mouth.  This is fun for everyone involved; video posted of the fun here:
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CMCC M & M Toss 2012
Summer Campers having fun with the M & M Toss
June 4: Summer Campers were scrapping today!  Both boys and girls enjoyed their time creating scrapbooks for Summer Camp memories.  Here are some photos of the scrapping good time:

June 14, 2011: Last week was crazy with the Spaghetti Slurp on Wednesday!  Look below for the photo gallery highlights.  Congratulations, Ethan B., on winning the overall Slurp and Ms Carolyn on winning the leader division!
CMCC Spaghetti SlurpCMCC Spaghetti SlurpCMCC Spaghetti SlurpCMCC Spaghetti SlurpCMCC Spaghetti Slurp
CMCC Spaghetti SlurpCMCC Spaghetti SlurpCMCC Spaghetti SlurpCMCC Spaghetti SlurpCMCC Spaghetti Slurp
June 1, 2011: Parents, click here to see the M&M Toss picture/video  from today.  Everyone had a fun time! 
Remember to email Colleen at to get on the email list for information.  
Every child needs to be prepared for swimming each day by bringing the following:
1.  Beach towel labeled with child’s name.
2.  A modest swimsuit. (no speedos for boys / modest two pieces okay for girls)
3.  Pool shoes. (child MUST also have regular play shoes.)
4.  Extra underwear.
5. Something to carry it all in. (bag)
Pool Schedule for the Summer is listed below.  If you cannot see the image, please email Colleen and she will send a copy via email.
We will post weekly events and trips, have pictures, and update the weekly swim schedule on this page.  Check this page weekly to keep up to date on all the happenings.
May 27, 2011: CMCC Summer Campers stood near the roadside to honor the fallen soldier from Pearl.  Campers walked together from the Center to stand and watch the funeral procession of David Self, a Pearl soldier killed in Afghanistan and brought home today to be buried.  We sang patriotic songs while we waited and the children held up flags during the procession.
Here are the Campers watching the funeral procession and then everyone making the long trek over the meadow back to the Children's Center.  It was a meaningful activity.  We are blessed to live in America!
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