Crossgates Methodist Children's Center  - uniting faith and learning to create bright futures
2019 marks 27 years that the Children’s Center has served the community!!  CMCC Weekday Preschool is the best program around to prepare your child for lifelong learning. Our program is a hands-on “discovery” style Christian curriculum called WEE Learn. We also use the state Early Learning Standards which has been adopted to better prepare our students for the common core standards they will encounter in elementary school. Research has proven that children who go through a developmental program like ours are better prepared cognitively, socially, and physically for school entrance. We also emphasize Christian values in the classroom, learning Bible stories and verses as well as going to chapel at the church once a week. Since every one of us is born to discover and explore naturally, our focus as a play-based program is to have an environment that encourages children to discover and explore.

Children need EXPERIENCES in order to learn our language; not activity sheets, iPad apps, or rote memorization! In addition to music, we implement early math and language activities. Books and printed materials fill the classroom as new vocabulary words are emphasized weekly. We add in a large dose of the arts, using drama, music, movement, painting, and more to enhance the units each week. Our program has a creative arts emphasis to help develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and higher executive function learning skills that are critical for additional learning later in life!
Our program is supervised by Center Director, Colleen Smith. Colleen has worked for CMCC for almost 22 years, twelve of those as Assistant Director.  She volunteers as an advocate for young children through local and state early childhood associations, serving as an Officer in the Mississippi Early Childhood Association, Rankin Childcare Directors Association, and Jackson Association on Children Under Six.

We have a wonderful learning environment where all the important things are taught at each stage of development.  Even though we are known for our Preschool, we have amazing teachers from the Infant Room all the way up to our Afterschool Program, which serves children up through fifth grade.  Since we do have a waiting list in most age groups, we cannot promise you that your child will have a spot in our center. All it takes to get on our list, though, is a visit to the Center.

Once your child’s name is on the waiting list, we ask that you call and check in monthly.  We note on your waiting list form the date that you called, and that you are still interested each time you call us. The list is cleaned every month, removing names of those who have not called in the prior 90 days.  Calling in periodically also helps us to get to know you and recognize your name. Remember, though, that we do have very limited space available - especially in the younger groups - so we can make no assurances of when a spot will come available. 

CMCC Administrative Staff are (L to R): Office Manager Shari Sloma, Assistant Director Vickie Hughes, Center Director Colleen Smith, and Afterschool Director Maggie Perkins.

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