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Crossgates Methodist Children's Center 

uniting faith and learning to create bright futures

Summer Preschool at the Children's Center

Here are the Fall syllabus for the Preschool Classes

September 21: Preschoolers have had visits from Brandon Police and Brandon Firefighters this week. Here are some pictures; it was a fun and interesting time for the children.

September 16: We have had pets visiting in the Preschool over the last two weeks for PET WEEK in each age group. I am posting a some pictures from today's visits with: Lulu the guinea pig, Madison and Big Man (dachshunds), and Ozzie and Lulu (bulldogs). It has been so fun for the children: getting to share your family pet with friends, and getting to pet and love on your friends' pets. 

One of the great things about enrolling in Preschool at the Children's Center is the variety of extra-curricular activities offered. Parents may enroll their children in KinderTOT, Beverly's School of Dance, and SoccerShots and never have to worry about leaving work early to make it to practice or class. Preschoolers enjoy Computer Explorers every Monday as well, learning all about how computers work as well as learning about that week's lesson. There are many things to do!

If you are thinking of signing your child up for an extra-curricular class, call or email us in the office and we will give you the information you need. Also, consider visiting the websites available to learn more about them. SoccerShots, KinderTOT, and Computer Explorers are all just a click away.

July 19: We are Growing God's Fruit this week with Preschool VBS! The children (and teachers) are learning a few new songs and (hopefully) we are all learning about how to grow God's Fruits of the Spirit. Oh, the fruit if the Spirit's not a coconut... Parents of preschoolers, click on the link above so you can learn one of the songs and surprise your child! I will find a few more so you can enjoy them at home together. 

ABOVE: A visit to Ms. Janet's class means learning about Joy. The fruit that we use to represent Joy is the pineapple (what can I say, it's a happy fruit!). You see one of the children painting with the pineapple's outer husk. The inner part of the pineapple was cut up and enjoyed by all. Other classes are learning about Love, Patience, and Kindness.

BELOW: Here is a picture of everyone coming to the morning gathering for music. The weather was kind to us, with only a little mist coming our way. We sang a few fun songs, including some oldies I pulled out of my garage... nothing like a little JOY from Amy Grant and friends!

July 7: Chicken Update! Remember way back in April back when we started hatching out those sweet chicks? Well, look at this baby. Hmmm... which one is it? Could it be KFC? or maybe Chicken Strip? what about Popeye? We are not sure which one it is, but it is about to get a big kiss from 3 year old Sadie. The chicks have gone to live on the farm with Sadie's grandparents and she likes to tell us all about those chickens at school. We are all glad that the babies are growing up and that they have survived several Sunday Dinners on the farm!

This curriculum developed by our teachers is more relaxed than the school year, but maintains a regular routine and helps build upon emerging literacy with our preschoolers.